It’s hard to avoid them but at every check-out counter in nearly every store are racks of magazines and newspapers trying to draw our eyes with questionable headlines and provocative images. Are you repulsed by them or have you become anesthetized to
them by repeated exposures?

Consider Abram’s nephew Lot. According to Genesis, Lot left Haran and accompanied Abram into Egypt and also into Canaan. Can you imagine the mealtime talks that Abram would share with Lot about his calling from God? But the two of them had such large herds of animals that they could not exist together and Lot chose to go to the richer land by Sodom and Gomorrah. Now let’s follow Lot. He pitched his tent toward Sodom (Gen. 13:12-13) but kept his distance because the men were exceedingly wicked. Then we read in Gen. 14:12 that Lot was living in Sodom, and by Gen. 19:1, Lot sat in the gate, the place of commerce and judicial councils. What once seemed sinful and replusive to Lot became familiar and not as bad as it first appeared. Also, Lot probably thought that he could live above it and it wouldn’t effect him. Though II Peter 2 calls Lot a righteous
man, when told he had to leave the city, he was hesitant to go and ultimately paid a dear price for his heedless ways and misplaced affections.

And what of us today? Think upon all the changes we have witnessed in our society in the last fifty years. Things once considered shocking are now (ho-hum) commonplace. Every year TV and movies play their own version of “Can You Top This?” with very little public outcry. I Thess. 5:6 says, “Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober”. Let’s not be overconfident like the people of Troy and allow a Trojan Horse into our midst. One night the Lord may come as a thief, let Him find us awake, alert and waiting for him.

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