To Live and Prosper As a Christian…

Recognize you’re in a spiritual battle that Christ has won for you.

Know that God is for you.

Read, study, and obey the Bible.

Be baptized as an outward declaration of what He did in you.

Develop an intimate relationship with your God and Savior.

Pray regularly and continually.

ACTSL: Adore, Confess, Thank, Supplicate (Ask), Listen

Get rid of ungodly influences/issues in your life.

Fellowship with other Christians.

Find a local church where you can grow in God’s word as a part of the greater body of Christ.

Expect God to discipline you if you do wrong because He loves you.

Share the Gospel with others.

God has saved you so that you will reach others for Him. Live a life that makes others want Jesus. Share with others what Jesus has done for you. Tell them the plan of salvation.

Go for it for His glory! Live by faith for the honor of God!